Blame Google for this unfortunate situation.

Google likes to flag random programs as malware for absolutely no reason. Unfortunately, the file you are trying to download,, was flagged by Google as a malicious program, even though hundreds of people have used it and it is complete safe. When Google flags my programs, I have no choice but to immediately remove them from my site, otherwise, Google will tell everyone who visits that the site contains malware and they are in serious danger. I try to avoid that at all costs.

If you really need this program, I dont know what to say, maybe try messaging someone on and see if they can share a download link. I geniunely wish that I could keep this link here, but the Google Search Console Team is preventing me from doing it. And there is no way for me to appeal Google malware reports without showing evidence of cleaning up my site (which is impossible, because there is no malware in the first place)! Anyone who sees this and works at Google please put a word in about false malware detection.